What I Am Not

I was lying in the bath recently, listening to my mind chatter. It was pretty noisy in there I can tell you.

It was yabbering on at me saying things like..

“Why on earth did you call your blog My Raw Food Weight Loss? I mean wtf? You’re not a raw foodie. You’re not vegan. And right now, you’re not exactly eating perfectly to lose weight ARE YOU? In fact you’ve probably put on weight again!”

So I thought gawd.. yes.. I’m right.

I’m not 100% raw vegan. And I never will be.

Why? Because, for me, that’s not something that fits in with how I want my life to be.

So I thought I’d better write about it as some people may visit this site with the assumption that I’m a full on, hippy toting, raw vegan shimmy shaker. I’m not. Well, not often.

This got me thinking about what else you may be thinking I am or not.

What I am not

  • a raw foodie – I don’t eat just raw food, I eat cooked food too. It’s warm. And delicious.
  • vegan – I eat bee stuff and occasional dairy. Oh and fish sometimes. And chicken on occasion. I may well be tempted by some other wayward flesh at some point, who knows
  • vegetarian – see above
  • pescetarian – no no no
  • 100% – I’m no good at achieving 100% at anything. Well, apart from the analytics course I’m doing at the moment where my OCD kicks in and I have to see full marks on the little tests before I move on to the next bit
  • a label – you can’t stick one on me. Not because I move too quick. I don’t. But because I’m kinda fickle

What I am

I’m just a woman, who acts like a girl sometimes and a total goddess at other times. I’ll stop there, as goddess sounds kinda great. Makes me wish I had a dress-up box still.. but I digress.

I’m incorporating more raw food into my diet to help me lose weight. 

Not to crusade about any cause but because I believe that eating more fresh fruit and veg in a way that tastes great and is a feast for my eyes as well as my body – and boy does my body love it – is a bloody great mix of being a simple, clever, common sense thing to do!

If I was naturally healthy, I would not have the layer of lard I do have. And I’d have a fuck load more energy.

This website is to help keep me focussed, sort out the maelstrom of thoughts that rush round my head and share what works for my health and what doesn’t. Physical, spiritual and mental.

I’m sharing on this blog, just in case it will help you figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. And be ok with that.

Although I strive for perfect and berate myself for never achieving it, I’m getting better at acknowledging that the act of making conscious thoughts and improving on my actions as a result, is good enough.

And what I may believe in today, may change tomorrow. And that is ok.

The only thing I have to be is honest with myself.

Throughout this long journey of self improvement I’ve been on.. since way back in 1994 after the birth of my first child, in fact.. I’ve been experimenting with myself.

So I know what makes me feel good and what doesn’t. So far. Even when I don’t do it.

I will probably always have moments where I choose something that won’t make me feel great but hopefully those moments will get fewer.

And it’s ok to try ‘black and white thinking’ at times – maybe I need the rigid boundaries to help me push through something, to experience something new. To suspend current beliefs and to know the difference.

After all, it’s no good to keep on listening to other peoples experiences. Until I’ve lived it myself, I won’t fully understand or be able to make a decision about what works for me and what doesn’t. Will I?

So cheers to raw food and whole food and organic and local and wild and just bloody sexy!

Yes, triple cheers to sexy ;)

photo credit: Sarah Cairncross

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2 thoughts on “What I Am Not”

  1. Beautiful post!! I reckon the most important thing is be honest and authentic, and thats exactly what your being.
    There is no being that is perfect, and every one is on their own journey, and we’re all at different stages. I think this post is beautiful and honest :)

    • Thanks Natalie :) I hope you’re enjoying your juice fast. I think I’ll do a mini one before Christmas, not for long as I just find it too hard when I feel cold. Am so jealous of you going into Summer now!!


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