Uniquely You

I chat with people all the time about not being afraid to show who they are online, I say to them; be uniquely you. And so as part of taking my own advice I decided to add a blog to this, my business site.

I immediately thought about all the usual dry old topics I could talk about but decided to kick it off with a bit of personal insight into the journey I’m on to build something that people will want to pay me for.

I’ve been dabbling with code and websites and online marketing for a fair few years now but have always limited my own success. I’m not sure why but it is something I am working on changing.

I obviously have a whole load of shit heap beliefs concerning work, business and making money and the psychology for success is something that fascinates me. In fact, simply working out what success would look like for me is something I find strangely tough to address. Crazy.

I’ve read a lot of great books and blogs, which I’ll share with you along the way, and I know enough to realise I self sabotage…

There’s a few reasons for this, some you may recognise in yourself

  • I love to research. Research makes me feel like I’m doing something and will also stop me from making a wrong decision. This of course is a load of bullshit – I don’t NEED to know everything, what I need to do is just try my idea out and tweak it. It’s ok to cock up. Why do I feel it’s not ok? My head knows different!
  • I procrastinate. If I can avoid doing something I think is going to be hard, I’ll find an inexhaustible list of alternative things to be doing instead. Including checking my chin for stray hairs. Yes. I did just admit that.
  • I compare myself to others. And then tell myself everyone is already doing it. And doing it better, faster, and in a completely clever dick way that I can’t hope to compete with. Of course, no-one is doing it quite like I am, so I need to stop being such a pillock.
  • I worry about stuff. That invariably never happens.

So I’m going to make myself accountable, or as I prefer to think of it.. more transparent.

I’m stripping back what services I offer to the stuff I believe brings great value to the solo entrepreneur and small business. To what I enjoy doing the most, in a way that will help others get what they want as well as what they need so we all feel like giving each other a great virtual booby hug – man boobs allowed.

I’m also going to be writing my story of what I’m doing, in the same way I talk. It will include occasional swear words and probably too much information at times, so if you don’t like that, stop reading now.

I’ll also be sharing some of the great resources I come across and encouraging you to become part of my awesome gang as soon as I’ve set up the membership area.

You’re going to love it.

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