Thinking About Podcasting?

Are you thinking about creating a podcast for your business? Podcasting is a fab way to create your own online radio show, by recording your original content and sharing it with prospective customers through a number of platforms, including iTunes.


What is a podcast?

A podcast is a multimedia digital file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player on a device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Still thinking, ‘huh?’

Think iTunes or Podomatic, Soundcloud or Mixcloud, to name a few podcast directories. All the shows listed on those sites are multimedia files that you can download and listen to. They are podcasts!

Some people like to call them their radio show. You can too.


Why is it a good idea to create a podcast?

Many businesses don’t consider that they can create one piece of content, such as a blog post, and then share it to a wider audience than the visitors to their website.

With the power of social media to share what you create, you’re probably missing a trick. And creating your own podcast allows you to share your content more than once and extending your ‘reach’ to a new audience.

Get the ears of those people who prefer to listen, than watch or read.

And remember, converting written word to an .mp3, or extracting the audio from a video, to create a podcast is a very simple process – that you don’t have to do yourself. Really. And it doesn’t have to be your voice.


Does anyone listen to podcast shows?

Many people make the mistake that just because THEY don’t like listening to stuff on iTunes, they assume no-one else does either.


Many people stream or download audio regularly. They listen to it

  • while travelling – in their car, on the bus or the train
  • during exercise
  • as they do chores
  • if they’re unwell and stuck in bed
  • or just because that is their preferred method to take in information

Wayyyyy back in July 2013, Apple announced that the iTunes Store eclipsed 1 billion podcast subscriptions, goodness knows what that figure is today.

That’s a whole lot of talking.

Apple says that those billion subscriptions are spread across 250,000 unique podcasts in more than 100 languages, and that more than 8 million episodes have been published in the iTunes Store to date.

Do you see what I’m getting at?


What kind of content makes a good podcast?

Content that you publish consistently.

People are creatures of habit and if they start listening to what you have to say, they will like to know when to expect you to be saying it.

Decide before you start, how often you’d like to podcast and when.

Maybe it’s daily, once a week, a fortnight or a month. Perhaps you already know what day of the week you get most engagement with your visitors, through your website or social media analytics. You have got this set up, haven’t you? If not, I can help.

So pick a day and frequency – you can do it as much or as little as you like – and then plan what you’d like to share. Here are some ideas

  • Interview people of influence in your field of business
  • Interview customers who are achieving great things through using your product or service
  • Record old blog posts that are ‘evergreen’ – the content will always be relevant and is valuable to your listener and it’s a great way to recycle existing content
  • Do a short ‘thought of the day’
  • Offer an industry tip or insight that people can use in their own business
  • Record your new blog post as well as having it written out
  • Invite guest ‘bloggers’ to submit something your followers would be interested in

And of course, you can ask your email readers, and social media fans, what they need help with and answer their questions.


Is podcasting right for my business?

If you..

  • regularly produce content for a blog already
  • hate writing but love speaking
  • want to reach more prospective clients
  • love the idea of leveraging existing content

then.. yes, it is.


Ok, I want to know more, what do I do next?

You can have a bash at doing it yourself, check out the great tutorial by Pat Flynn on Smart Passive Income – How To Start A Podcast Podcasting Tutorial.

Or if you feel you’d like some help from me, get in touch.

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