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Whilst browsing online, I came across this article by Chyrene Pendleton about writing a magic and thought you may find it helpful – I know people who do this and they have truly magical lives so maybe it’s worth opening your mind up and giving it a go. I’m going to!

A simple manifesting tool

First, I would like to share with you a tool I’ve used successfully, beginning early in my life. I know that many others have used this tool successfully and authors have written about it, especially in recent years. It’s actually very simple and very powerful.

I used to call this simply my “List” but now, I call it the “Magic List”, inspired by one of my non-metaphysical students several years ago. (More about that later). With this Magic List, you are using the power of the written and the spoken word that is released to the Universe to manifest in your reality.

All it requires are these steps:

  • Take a piece of paper (any kind of writing paper – from a notebook, or your favorite color of paper, etc), and write a numeric list of all of your desires. They can be short-term of long-term desires. State your desires as clearly as possible.
  • After you have written down your desires, at the bottom of the page, write something to this effect:”May all of these desires, or better, manifest for the Highest good of all.” This releases any need to manifest your desires in a particular way. It opens it up to the Universe to bring you what you want in the best and Highest way possible, and at the right time. Update: My friend Emma also recommends you ensure you include ‘Thank you’ and I agree!
  • Keep your Magic List with you at all times, in your wallet, purse, etc.
  • Read your list (aloud if possible) just before going to sleep, first thing upon awakening and before going into meditation. Do this every day, and you will soon see profound results.
  • As your desires manifest, cross them off your checklist. Soon, you will want to rewrite it, creating a new Magic List (the old one eventually can look pretty unreadable with all of those lines crossing things off!) on a fresh piece of paper. If some of the old desires haven’t yet manifested, you can add them, too. Personally, I prefer to do this on the new and full moons, taking advantage of their powerful manifesting energies.

Several years ago, I studied Native American spirituality from a Lakota medicine woman and learned the ritual of clearly stating my written desires to the Universe on the new and full moons and then burning them, releasing them to the Universe. You’ll want to keep your Magic List as a separate list, however, as you’ll be using it every day.

  • Finally, do not show your list or talk about it to others.
    Keep it to yourself. This is a way of keeping your energy totally and directly focused on what you want. Talking about it and sharing it with people only disperses your energy and it may take longer for those desires to manifest.

The Magic List really, truly works. Anyone can do it. A non-metaphysical student (also my co-worker at the time) was in one of
my prosperity workshops and, as I described what I originally called my “List”, he became very pale…

After the class, he told me that he had started to write a list just like the one I described when he was a little boy. He said he called it his “Magic List” and never told a soul, not even his brother.

He was so amazed to hear me speaking about his secret! And he just had to show me his list, even though I protested. I’m glad that he did in this particular case, because his list was very unusual and it demonstrated how miraculous this tool really is.

This man, then in his fifties, had several hobbies, most centered around finding and collecting unusual, rare, old objects and bottles – some valuable. The items on his list were things most people have never heard of or seen before.

His list was well worn, with several items crossed off. He said he kept it in his wallet, looking at his list a couple of times each day. He described to me how each item came to him, just like magic.

Sometimes, it meant suddenly driving down a street for no apparent reason, just to discover that there was a garage sale going on, and then seeing one or several of his desires on the list for sale at the perfect price for him.

He would continuously find himself in the right place at the right time.

One of the items on his list manifested about three weeks after he had showed his list to me. It was a classic car (I forget the model) in the exact color and year he had specified, and in mint condition.

An elderly woman had kept it in her garage all these years and decided to get rid of it. On his way to work one day, he happened to turn onto her street. He saw the ‘For Sale’ sign, and the price was right. Later, he drove the car to work to show me.

I wanted to share this experience with you to emphasize how the Magic List always works, even for those not familiar with metaphysics.

Chyrene Pendleton passed over in 2011. She was the owner of The Isle of Light Inc., a spiritual, metaphysical online spiritual center dedicated to assisting all to become more empowered and enlightened in a wide variety of ways.
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