Tantra and Porridge

You may know that I signed up with Bird to go to a Tantra workshop/information evening last night at the Impure Art gallery located below She Said Erotic Boutique in Brighton. I was REALLY excited about it and was enjoying feeling a little bit naughty every time I thought about it.

So what were my expectations of the evening?

  • Friendly and intimate. I knew it was going to be a small group as the venue was teeny tiny but very welcoming
  • Engaging to listen to. The lady giving the talk had previously done one on Kama Sutra which had sold out so I thought – she must be good
  • Learn what tantra can do for me. The description said ‘Learn the principles that underpin this tradition that combines flesh and soul, sex and spirit’
  • It would be a ‘safe’ environment. It said ‘No sexual contact or nudity’ so I knew I wouldn’t be asked to do anything that made me feel uncomfy

And what actually happened?

Tantra For You at Impure Art Gallery in BrightonWell, to be honest, a big expectation was that it would be a lot more interactive. And fun. That we would learn a meditation with a breathing technique to get us ‘in the zone’ easily. I wanted ‘woo woo’. I wanted to FEEL that I’d learned something I didn’t know already.

And that didn’t happen.

I wanted to know some of the secrets that advanced tantric students (not sure if that is the right word) learned.

I am a terrible voyeur I guess and was keen to know – did they really have group sex and/or masturbatory sessions? How did it come to the point when that felt normal and natural to do? Does becoming ‘one’ through tantra practises mean you get the urge to not have just one partner but delve into that old hippy ideal of free love mannnn?

I would also have loved to hear more of Dr Vena Ramphal personal story. With some nitty gritty details haha!

Tiny with a frame that reminded me of a little bird and the most amazing eyes, I thought she was lovely. I did find myself looking at her and wondering things like – How old is she? What started her on her journey into Tantra? What kind of things does she teach couples? Her hair would look amazing if it was straightened into a sleek bob. And stuff like that.

So you can see… my mind started to wander a bit.

Dr Vena Ramphal at a tantra workshop in BrightonShe wasn’t an earth mother, a goddess oozing sensuality and hidden secrets, inviting you to want to be close to her, desperate to want to know all her wisdom. She looked so young and she didn’t seem to have experienced what she’d studied (very extensively). She didn’t have a ‘knowing’ about her. The warmth I expected to be there, was missing. Which to be honest, didn’t inspire confidence in her as a teacher of Tantra.

Maybe it’s because she’s an academic. Maybe it was the environment. Maybe she only really shines her light in her own ‘space’ that she creates. I’m not sure. But I had to nudge Bird as she started yawning and praise the heavens for a very entertaining bloke who was there who made us laugh on a regular basis.

Things picked up a little after the break and we were taken through another visualisation and I also got to gaze into the eyes of a lovely lady and then play with some oil on her hand (which did not smell good – the oil that is. Ok the hand probably smelled rank too after I smothered it in the stuff). I also got a hug off her – I can be so demanding ;)

Dr Ramphal then got very excited to tell us about erogenous zones on the body. Goody! I thought – now we’re getting down to some juicy useful stuff.. but I’m obviously well versed in this already as I learned nothing new and in fact shared one or two of my own favourites. Ahem.

So was it a good evening?

It was great to meet up with Bird and Sam and we did have some good giggles, thanks to the other people there. But would I seek Dr Ramphal out to learn from her? No, she’s just not my taste of porridge.

Have you had any experiences of Tantra lessons and would you recommend the teacher? Tell me allll by leaving a comment in the box below x

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4 thoughts on “Tantra and Porridge”

  1. Shame it wasn’t quite what you were expecting – did you think people were going to get down to it for you to watch????!!!!

    Still a good night out with your friends is always a good thing!
    Jo x

    • lol omg that made me laugh out loud! You are so naughty Jo! I just wanted a more warm n fuzzy experience with myself.. Mind you if there had been demonstrations, I probably would have stared! I mean, observed in a studious fashion ;o) hahahaha x

  2. From what I have heard *ahem* about hippies, free love and tantra, I am not surprised the event was not as much to your expectations as you were hoping. I think if you really want to get into that sort of thing and really really learn something, its always better in a more personal environment, with people you trust. Some of the best things I have *heard* is that you do not need anyone to actually teach you. You just need to find that space in your self, in your home and move from there. You can read as many books, go to as many events ect but until you just practice over and over again finding that place within you, I would think that the rest of it is rubbish lol.

    • Hey Sierra – very interesting points.. what is fascinating as that a few people also seem to think I was expecting something raunchy – i wasn’t … honest! lol. I was expecting to find out some nitty gritty on what can be taught – an overview I guess – plus a decent meditation specifically on raising the energy. However the stuff I’ve done on my own before, was definitely more intense than what I experienced that evening.

      I agree with what you’ve *heard* (cue hacking cough) that you don’t need anyone to teach you but there are always things to learn from others too – especially if you can keep a straight face (something I may have trouble with). But yes, doing is always the greatest teacher – just quit worrying and dive straight in… ahem. Anyway, will write more as I travel on this journey and you can share more of what you’ve heard… *grin*


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