Super Juice Me

A few days ago I was sat chatting with my friends Paul and Philly about feeling like a Pork Princess and we shared what had worked for us in the past when we were feeling less than svelte. Super Juice Me, Paul said.

Now I know that sounds like the title of a bad porn film (or is that just me?) but it’s actually the title of Jason Vale the Juicemaster’s 28 Day Juice Plan, and Paul told me that is what he did last year to help him break his sugar addiction.

In the process he also released 2 whole stone. That’s 28lbs for the ‘mericans and near enough 13kg for the Europeans.


Face The Facts Princess

So that got me thinking and I decided to brave the scales this morning and almost cracked them at 12 stone. That’s a good 3 stone over what I probably should be in my perfect slimline healthy world and the heaviest I’ve been in very, very, very long time.


I know what I have to do and that is do what’s worked for me in the past. What worked for Paul. And what is working for goodness knows how many people around the world right now.



Resistance Is Futile

Immediately my mind started throwing up all kinds of reasons why I couldn’t do this

  • C’mon Sarah, you’ve been off and on juicing FOR YEARS and never stuck with it long enough to make any permanent change, why will this be any different?
  • The longest you’ve ever managed to juice fast before was 21 days and you moaned and bitched about THAT
  • If I go on a juice fast I’ll probably want to blog about it (it seems to be a compulsion) and how embarrassing is that going to be, sharing my lardy bits – I’ll be single forever
  • What if I suddenly, miraculously, get a social life – how will I confess that really I’m that weirdo in the corner clutching a glass of green goo and smiling with spinach on my teeth?

Thankfully once the panic settled down, I realised that the reasons for doing it outweighed all those shitey reasons for not doing it

  • I want to ooze confidence and for me, that means feeling comfortable in my own skin. At the moment I look and feel like I’m wearing a fat suit and it’s gotta go.
  • I really, really want clear skin
  • I’d love to throw out 98% of my clothes and buy stuff that I feel pretty in.
  • In fact I’d love to walk into a clothes shop and feel like it’s ok for me to be in there.
  • Hot underwear. Even if no-one else ever sees it, I want to wear seriously sexy underwear.
  • To love looking in a mirror.
  • Have more energy than I know what to do with.
  • To look on the outside how I feel on the inside.
  • Be glowing with health and smiling like I should have my nose pressed against a window.

Let’s stop fucking around. I want to look great naked. I mean, in a bikini *cough*

Did I just say that out loud?

Raise My Damn Expectations

I need to expect more of myself and as a result my self confidence will grow and I’ll go out and actually meet new people and maybe even, ya know.. date.

So that is why I’m doing this.  And Day 1 is today.

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PS. My next post shares a video of me in some very dodgy underwear together with my weight and measurements

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