Sex and All That Jazz

*Bats eyelashes* Today, I’m talking about sex and all that jazz.

Why? Because yesterday, me and my friend Bird, were sat in my back garden in the sunshine having a cuppa and giggling like a couple of witches. We’d been talking about our unexpected experience on Sunday, of finding ourselves sat on a luscious bed together in Kemp Town in Brighton with a camera and lights being pointed at us while we talked about…

Our sexual pet peeves and top tips.


Talking about sex and relationships for us, is of course as natural as breathing.  We’ve been friends for about 10 years now, having met while trying to ignore each other and every other mother in the school playground but our sons decided they were going to be friends, and rather fabulously, so did we – getting to know each other with lots of walks and coffee with Baileys.

Anyway, to cut a long story short

While Bird was booking herself on to a Tantra workshop, we got chatting with the shop assistant and she handed me a flyer about a production company looking for women with strong opinions about sex who aren’t afraid to talk about it. The lovely lady told us they were actually filming a pilot for a new tv show, that day, in Brighton and wrote the mobile number down for us.

Bird, aka Michelle Roberton, tucked the bit of paper in her bag and while we were trying to not eat all our hair that the wind kept whipping in our faces on our ‘invigorating’ seafront walk, we chatted about it.  Now Michelle has had an interesting personal journey and she is just launching her own Tantra workshops.

So I gave her a dig in the ribs to phone them up and she did and we were a two minute walk away and that’s how we ended up on the bed together talking very frankly about our own sex lives to three lovely women who had obvious sparkles in their eyes from everything they’d been hearing that weekend *lol*.

I had no intentions of joining her in front of the camera but we were having such a laugh while waiting for the previous person to emerge from the boudoir, I thought, why the hell not. Thankfully I don’t think I’ll ever have to see myself as it won’t be aired on tv, as Bird has an uncanny ability to look gorgeous at all times while I tend to look like a heffalump – a good incentive to start making an effort with my appearance though, as if Channel 4 likes the pilot, we may get a call!

It was interesting to see how we’d both changed over the years, with Michelle especially, coming out of her cocoon and shaking off previous perceptions of sex based on experiences in childhood and marriage. Like me, she’d married young and stayed with her partner 15+ years before letting go.

Nothing was off limits and we discussed everything from our favourite foreplay (mine is kissing btw), to anal sex and techniques for blow jobs to what we agreed was a must for us to reach sexual satisfaction now – a loving heart connection with our partner. There was much laughter but Bird did deserve a punch at one point for implying that I must have a huge fanny – pffft kegels are my friend I’ll have you know, cheeky mare.

What this whole experience underlined for us though, was a feeling we’d been having for a while. That there is a need for people to re-connect and share through storytelling, with fun and love and a hug if needed.

Sex today is portrayed as so very mechanical and unemotional, with the easy access to porn and appalling sex education in schools. All I hear people talking about is technique and positions and what lube tastes better than another – especially amongst teenagers (what the hell is happening that you NEED lube at that age?).

So even if that show never makes it to air, we’ve decided we’re going to do something about it and have an idea up our sleeve – or maybe it’s tucked in our knickers..

It’s time to put the love back into love making – as well as the eroticism, fantasy and pure animal lust and raise our vibrational energy baby!

And hell, I want to learn how Bird has multiple and total body orgasms whether she’s on her own or not – the biotch! *lol*

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    • oi oi Bird! i ammmm coming to do it with you! And glad you approve of the nipple – wasn’t going to say it was me but was outed by with the first comment by Nicola *lol* Perils of having such a limited wardrobe I guess!


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