My Top 5 Tips For Decluttering

5 Top Tips For Decluttering

I love a good clear out and having drastically cleared my crap a few years ago and maintained the habit, I thought I’d put together my top 5 tips for decluttering your space, whether you’re … Read more

Finding balance on a see saw may be easier than what I've tried so far.

About Finding Balance

My head is all over the place at the moment. Filled with shit about how to create an income and shit about how to make my life better. About finding balance. Since my 21 Day … Read more

Lying in the bath and thinking about what I am not

What I Am Not

I was lying in the bath recently, listening to my mind chatter. It was pretty noisy in there I can tell you. It was yabbering on at me saying things like.. “Why on earth did … Read more

Letting go.. by Sarah Cairncross

Letting go. So hard to do?

Half the year has gone already. How did that happen? There was me thinking I’d been practising letting go. Yes, I’ve been letting go of ‘stuff’, physical objects from my life maybe but how much … Read more