How to make hummous - Sarah is in the kitchen to show you how

How To Make Hummous… With A Twist!

Bizarrely, I have just discovered a video I did back in 2013 that I did not post on my blog. What on earth could have distracted me THAT much?!  Or else I’ve accidentally deleted it… … Read more

Chocolate Nicecream for breakfast

Chocolate Nicecream – don’t mind if I do

What shall I have for breakfast this morning? Chocolate Nicecream! This is what I was thinking about whilst tramping across an invisible bridle path courtesy of a field being freshly ploughed in the West Sussex … Read more

The Tunagasm by Sarah Cairncross

The Tunagasm

No word of a lie, this little recipe I got off Instagram via @fitgirl4me caused what can only be described as The Tunagasm in my mouth. Yes, it deserves capitalisation. I have a load of recipes … Read more

Feeling Sparkly - green juice by Sarah Cairncross

Feeling Sparkly

Yesterday, despite having to exit the first hot yoga class I’ve been to in like, umm, two whole months (I needed to puke as the guy next to me smelled THAT bad)… I revived myself … Read more