Psychedelic Shake

Only Austin Powers could give you more psychedelic shake than this juice! Ok, the picture is more psychedelic (psychotic?), than the juice but I felt I must share it with you. It’s groovy baby.

It tasted like a gorgeous, sexy vibrant cousin of that bottled, dowdy, V8 stuff people harp on about.  Here’s how I made it:

In this Psychedelic Shake is…

  • A load of carrots umm.. yeah maybe I should have counted them. I can tell you though, that it was precisely the amount I could grab out of the drawer with both hands. In one go. Without dropping any. Cor, I should have been on Crackerjack when I was a kid. You’d probably be looking at about six but, then again, you may have monster triffid carrots or tiddly pinky finger ones. I’ll leave it to you to use your common sense. Juice the lot.
  • A whole head of broccoli. Well, I had to use some up as I had FOUR in the veg boxes last week and they were all still sitting there! You don’t get much juice out of the florets – all the good stuff is in the stalk, but I shoved it all in there and used the pulp to make crackers which have turned out to have the consistency of what chewing on a carpet tile would be like. Should have left out the spinach pulp. Hey I live and learn.
  • Three red capsicum. Well, more like 2.5 as the third one was weeny. Capsicum are also known as pepper or bell peppers, I do believe.
  • Four peeled satsumas. I think they’re satsumas. Could be tangerines? Anyway, they are easy to peel and little and sweet. Whatever you do, don’t juice whole oranges or things that look like oranges as the peel makes your juice taste DISGUSTING. Just ask my son. He knows. We tried it once.

If you decide to give this recipe a whirl, take a pic and share it in the comments below! Preferably a photo with you and a nice orangey moustache from having just taken a swig. You’d look gorgeous, babyyyyy x

Nothing could be more Austin Powers than this juice!

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