Making Space

In order for something new to come in, I understand that making space has to be a priority. I was reminded of this with today’s quote from The Universe (see

‎”All that you need to have, all that you want, will be provided as if by magic. Once you know what you want and do something about it every day.”

I have a lot that I want to achieve and it feels overwhelming when I start to think about it all, so I know I need to chunk it down. I am also a firm believer that having a clear physical environment helps me have a clear mental and spiritual environment. Pretty essential if I want to figure out what little steps I need to be doing every day.

Because that is all I need to be doing – something little every day. Then I’ll get somewhere. Even if it feels I’m going nowhere as it isn’t super speedy or I don’t see ‘instant’ results.. the fact is that I WILL be moving forward.

Just thinking about doing things or reading about others doing things is not going to result in ME doing things. As that’s what I’ve been doing really, for the past ooh.. well, longer than I care to examine closely *cough*

So, today I am going to clear my space – as I’m sitting in what feels like a stagnant pool of shite.

Well, it’s not surprising really, as I cleared out my cupboards recently with the idea of selling and/or giving things away that I never use or look at. Trouble is, it’s still here (as you can see from the photo above). Cluttering up my fricking mind as well my floors… sofa.. table..  Even worse, the kids are starting to root through it all and move it all about the house again ARGH!

So I’m giving myself until Saturday to have it sorted. And I’m going to write down just one thing that I have to focus on and complete to move my business forward this week and not worry about all the other things I ‘should’ be doing until I’ve done one ffs. Then rinse and repeat.

Also, my business is not a business until it has something to sell. So at the moment it’s still an expensive hobby.

So enough of feeling I have to learn more and comparing myself to others.

My unique selling point is always going to be me and I have to trust that what I can deliver will always give people the feeling that they receive greater value than what they pay for and the right people will be attracted to me and thrilled with it. And tell others too.

I know what I want to do – I got that breakthrough a week or two ago.

Now I just need to be blinkered for a while – narrow my focus.

Make space.

Be me.

Do it.

I want a Ta Dah! moment after all – a whipping back of a great unveiling. It’s the six year old performer in me.

So I’m going to focus on how I’ll feel when that arrives – much more fun  ;o)

What is it you’ve been putting off but life keeps bringing you back to it – knocking harder until you take notice? Does making space in your cupboards have an effect elsewhere in your life? I’d love to hear – scroll down and tell me what changes you’ve experienced x

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3 thoughts on “Making Space”

  1. I have told you about the FLY Lady? this is what I used to get control of my house (well no longer living in CHAOS (Can’t have anyone over syndrome)) I too have piles of stuff (no where near as much as before) to be got rid of and I need kick up the wotsit to just do the selling donating removing. I find what I have to do in a week so overwhelming sometimes (esp as exercise is a priority) and clearing/cleaning always comes bottom of the long list!

    Good luck with the clearing, it is so rewarding once it is done, one bag in the morning one in the afternoon and you will have it done in no time at all!!

    Enjoy and have fun
    Jo xx

  2. I am a rather minimal person, I have always lived light as I never knew when I was going to need to get up and travel or just go move somewhere else. I think after you have decluttered, you should then always keep in mind this particular idea that is what helps me keep my ownership of materials down to a minimal. Do I need it and if I had to leave hastily would I take it with me? And keep your space to something like what could fit in a car. Then at least, you will be more selective in what you own, as many say the things you own end up owning you. I have complete faith you can do it and get your space just the way YOU want :)) Other then that I have no advice to give because I am the biggest procrastinator in the world hahaha!!!


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