Life Lessons from a Romance Novel

I’ve been quiet. Mulling things over, looking into my heart instead of my head for direction in my life. Many things are changing and I will start writing about these here again..

In the meantime I’ve been devouring romance novels, some completely arse and formulaic and some, thankfully, with some deeper occasional insights.  I’d like to share a few with you that I’ve just read…

  • You can always change your mind
  • People are fundamentally good
  • Guilt and self-doubt never helps anyone
  • You need to love and respect yourself before turning your attention to anyone else
Cathy Kelly, Homecoming

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2 thoughts on “Life Lessons from a Romance Novel”

  1. At last you turned up on twitter. I’ve just read the last post and see you’ve been away in lovely Devon. Lucky you. Good to see you back here.


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