How To Make Vegetable Crisps

Yesterday was quite eventful for me yesterday. I was in the kitchen *shock horror* and putting together a mainly raw food meal for some family – sisters, almost brother-in-law, and my step Mum, Eileen.

So I decided I can’t put together this delicious array of dippy things (technical term) and salads and then serve up something nasty and processed for them to snack on when they arrive.

Ta dah! Vegetable Crisps I thought. Or vegetable chips as they are known in the US of A. And yes, I am trying to say that in an American accent as I type. And no, it probably doesn’t sound anything like it should haha.

Luckily, I’d thought about this ahead of time as, if you want to preserve as many nutrients as possible, you need to slowly dehydrate the vegetables and NOT bung it in the oven willy nilly at Texas Nuke ‘Em temperatures.

So having researched on the net for at least 10 minutes, I set to prepping things and figured out how I was going to dehydrate without having a, you know, dehydrator.

Here is the splendid video I took to share my nail slicing experience with you.


Ok, no nails were sliced but they could have been! I do like to build a little drama into my nice safe existence you know.

Leave a comment on your favourite vegetables to crisp and any coating you think a really must try next time I do this. As, I’ve been told by my sisters that there has to be a next time… Cor, I’m a victim of my own success.

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2 thoughts on “How To Make Vegetable Crisps”

  1. I bought one of those cutters at the Good Food Show where the demonstrator was lightning fast…….The Rosti cutter is fab – but you need to get all the liquid out with a tea towel. Really good for coleslaw.
    Onions, you can put on the spike, cut down in lines with a knife and then use the slicer and they come out finely diced.
    They were yummy by the way!

    • And no wodgies were lost in the process Heather? Do you still use it or is the chip temptation too much? I’m going to have a go at some sweet potato ‘fries’ at some point.


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