How To Make Hummous… With A Twist!

Bizarrely, I have just discovered a video I did back in 2013 that I did not post on my blog. What on earth could have distracted me THAT much?!  Or else I’ve accidentally deleted it…  Anyway, here it is for your viewing and informative pleasure *cough*. I’m sure you always wanted to know how to make hummous didn’t ya. Well here it is, Cairncross styleee.

PS. Why the hell did I ever cut my hair off?

Before I started my 21 Day Juice Fast at the weekend, I found myself volunteering to cater a family meal. Eek! Please read below for the full recipe as I managed to lose part of the video which showed you what else I added to it to make it AWESOME!

This hummus or hummous (however you spell it) has got no chickpeas in it and it’s not raw as I was tight on time, so used a can of cannellini beans and added some extras to make something that was incredibly tasty!! It was that good, I’ll make it again when I’m eating solids.


  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 or 2 cloves of garlic depending on your own personal taste
  • handful of fresh basil
  • 1 tablespoon of tahini
  • 1 tin of white beans such as cannellini – or if you are more prepared, buy dried and pre-soak them.. maybe even sprout them first

Extras I added:

  • sea salt to taste
  • juice of one and half fresh lemons – add more or less to taste
  • kalamata olives, pitted – add as many as you fancy – I think I used about six or eight. They were stored in oil, so I used some of that oil in it too.

How to bung it together

  • Stick everything in a powerful blender or food processor with a glug of the olive oil.
  • Turn on and slowly add more olive oil until you get your desired consistency.
  • Pause and push down the ingredients from the sides occasionally and take the opportunity to taste test.

Remember it’s always better to start off with a little of things such as the salt, lemon and olives and add a little more at a time until it tastes good to you, as you can’t take stuff out once it’s in there!

Here’s the transcription of the video in case you prefer to read instead of watching a younger me

It’s me! And I’m back and I’ve got another one of my new gadgets, courtesy of my brother Alex, who bought me a Kenwood Multi Pro food processor, blender and all round whizzy thing.

Let’s show you.

I cheated actually, because I put it together before I turned the camera on. Which is just as well, as it did take me a few minutes to figure out what went where.

This is it.

And what I’m going to make, is a hummous. My friend Ros, who I’ve never actually met in real life but I know her through a friend on Facebook. A lovely lady. Who, when I put out a plea today on my Facebook page –  I asked for help as I’m creating a family meal tonight and I’m not known for being in the kitchen too much.

So I put a call out asking for suggestions on dips to make and Ros told me how to make a hummus.

Now, it’s not a chickpea hummus, basically it’s white beans and let me… disappear from view, which I know is not very good… let me show you what I’ve got.

I went for cannellini beans – she said any old white beans will do, olive oil, fresh basil.. I don’t know if I’ve got enough basil but I’ve only got a piddly little plant – look, poor thing.
Tahini and garlic.

So, I’ve got two cloves of garlic *camera falls over*

Oh! *laughs*
Oh lordy. As you can tell, I’m a professional camera woman. Sorry to have dropped you. I should edit that out I know but I probably won’t bother.

So, all I’m going to do is bung all this stuff in the food processor and whiz it up and then taste it and see if I need to add anything.

I’ve got no idea on quantities of oil. I’ve been told a table spoon of Tahini. I don’t know, maybe I’ll need to add salt, I’m not sure, I’m going to taste it and see what happens.

Hey, Jamie Oliver will be proud of me!

I know my daughter is blonde, but I sometimes think that maybe I am, in spirit. I just thought, hmm, hang on a minute, did I take the plastic guards off the blades?

Guess what. No, I didn’t. So now I’ve got to stick my fingers in there and take the plastic guards off. But at least I remembered before I turned the machine on. Good eh. I had to share that *laughs*

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