How To Download Video From Your Own Facebook Page

Now everyone is starting to get excited with Facebook Live streaming, the next thing people want to know is how to download their own video from Facebook.

Why would you want to download your Facebook Live video?

Well, because you can then edit it and upload it to other platforms. Think about using it as content for your website – a blog post or more value in your membership area for example. Extra fodder for your YouTube or Vimeo channel etc.

You may want to take snippets and use it on other social media platforms such as Instagram or create hilaaaaarious gifs that may go viral. You never know.. I’m sure I could think up something for images of my sister when she’s sat at her desk with rollers in her fringe. Muhahaha.

Here’s how to do eeeet

With a bit of detective work, as Facebook doesn’t want to make things too easy for us, I’ve discovered the solution. And you’ll be well chuffed to discover it’s easy peasy. Pay attention now.

This is how to do it from a desktop or laptop computer by the way. I don’t think you can do it from a mobile device yet.

  1. Log into your Facebook Page and click on Publishing Tools at the top of the page
  2. In the left column click on Video Library
  3. Select the video you want to download, it will highlight in blue
  4. Click on the Actions button shown at the top of the video list and select Download HD
  5. Rename the file from the string of numbers to something that makes sense to you and save it to your desktop or in the cloud, wherever you like

Congratulations you now know how to download your own video from Facebook and can repurpose your content allllll overrrr the webbbbbb.

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