How to clean out your ears so you can hear again!

I frequently get blocked up ears and although putting olive oil in can help sometimes (it softens up the wax), it just doesn’t cut it most of the time for me.   Maybe it’s because I have such small ear canals or something.. I don’t know but I’ve been plagued with the problem all my life.  (Maybe it’s just because I don’t want to hear my daughter moaning at me).

Anyway, to get your ears syringed in the UK is a huge ordeal and my local doctor’s surgery make me wait for aaaages before they’ll do it.

Luckily, I now have the secret to clearing my ears of wax!

Thank you to my lovely American friend, Susie! She is also a nurse and as soon as she saw my plight on my videos, sent me a video of herself with the secret…

So I popped down to the chemist for the magic ingredients, wrapped a towel around myself (should have tied my hair back too duh) and gave it a go this morning.

And it’s worked!!!  It did take a while to do as my ears were so gummed up and I was doing it on myself.

My top tips are

  • rope someone in to help you
  • tie your hair back (unless you’re bald)
  • have more than one towel handy
  • use the syringe in a steady motion and not too forcefully
  • use warm water
  • STOP if you experience any pain and consult a qualified health expert
  • and if you like to inspect your gunk, maybe hold a beaker or something under your ear.

And yes! what emerged was disgusting but I found that strangely satisfying. Am gutted I didn’t film it or take a photograph!

Please note that I am not a medical expert and if you choose to try this yourself it is your own decision and at your own risk.  Always consult your doctor if you are unsure and take professional medical advice.  Here endeth the sermon.  Now, on with the video!

For those of you whose ears are so blocked with wax they can’t hear this video, here are the instructions. Please follow them carefully:

You will need

  • a towel
  • 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Solution from local chemist
  • 10ml syringe from local chemist
  • warm water
  • a trustworthy friend to help you if you find it tricky but please make sure they do not syringe your ears with too much pressure as you don’t want a perforated ear drum

To remove ear wax you need to

  • wrap a towel around your shoulders and tie your hair back if long
  • lie down on your side with the blocked ear facing up
  • put some 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution drops in your ear
  • lay still for about 10 minutes. You will hear crackling and fizzing – this is normal and is the sound of the solution breaking up the wax
  • sit or stand up and mix a 50/50 solution of the 3% Hydrogen Peroxide with WARM water
  • fill the syringe with this mix and squirt slowly and GENTLY into the ear so you don’t hurt or damage your ear drum. I did this stood over my sink or you may prefer to hold a container under your ear to help catch the gunk and water that will come out
  • repeat the syringing until the ear is clear

I felt a bit sick and dizzy from doing this but after I lay down for a few minutes that feeling was gone and I could hear! YAY!!!

Please note that neither Susie or I are advising you to do this – it was a private video for my use solely. If you have blocked up ears, please seek professional medical advice. If you choose to try this method it is your decision and you are solely responsible for your acts and any consequences resulting.

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2 thoughts on “How to clean out your ears so you can hear again!”

  1. Thank you for the clarifcation here, I was thinking toilet bleach or hair bleach and thinking thta is probably so not the right thing to use!! Sounds intriging and easy gonna give it a go
    Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Jo – yes I admit I did think errmmm what IS this I’m asking for at the chemist and will they think I’m odd and start asking me heaps of questions as to why I want it *lol* As it turns out, its a pretty normal product and the assistant didn’t blink at all when I asked for it and just handed me the bottle. It was easy to do this but doing it myself, it was a little time consuming – my ears were very clogged up tho and I ended up using the whole bottle near enough. Thanks for your feedback – I think I’ll add an annotation on the video about it.


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