Good Morning Kisses

Grubbing around in the kitchen this morning, as I’ve been decidedly slack about doing food shopping, I created something that turned out to be so fab it reminded me of the joy of good morning kisses.

Here’s what I juiced for a Good Morning Kiss

  • four ripe pears
  • two apples
  • a thumb sized knob of peeled ginger – careful if you have thumbs the size of Hagrid

Juiced and poured over a couple of love heart ice cubes, I was in heaven. Thankfully, I managed to stop myself  half way through drinking it to take a picture.

I happen to like the grainy texture of pear juice and this one came out pleasantly thick, I guess you could dilute it with a little water but for me, that would have spoiled it.

Do you have a tasty juice recipe that uses pears? ‘Tis the season and all that, so would love to hear about your favourite – leave a comment by scrolling further down this page :D

A juice that feels like good morning kisses

Daring to date again

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