Finding Balance

I’m a bit crap at finding balance in my life. I have too many highs, which can lead to too many lows of course.

I say to myself, ‘Sarah, you want to be somewhere in the middle, not so uppy downy, how about a gentle ripple?’.

The trouble with that is, I rather love the feelings I get when I’m up in the sky, carefree and having to be careful I don’t blind people with my smile or shoot golden sparks from my nipples, bum, fingertips.

I even don’t mind the idea of being down too much (until I get there), as, well, it all means I’m FEELING stuff. Doesn’t it!

So do I try and squidge myself into a more sensible, even keel.. or do I focus on being incredibly productive during up times and while I’m at it, figure out what triggers those and make sure I create the right environment to keep me there more frequently?

I think I answered my own question.

Balls to boring!

(If I could purr now I would – instead I shall make a noise like a constipated cat farting x)

PS. The bird doing the crow in the photo is the delicious Emma Calvert aka Miss Manifestation!

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6 thoughts on “Finding Balance”

  1. Bah! Balance is overrated!
    It only stretches you thin in too many directions. (And in this case “thin” is not a good thing! ;))

    Focus instead on being centered. That lets you keep the highs and if you *center* yourself above the middle, the lows will be not-so-low while still giving you the contrast with the highs.

    (I’m sure you can guess what I’ll suggest to help make that shift… ;)
    Let me know if you need a mind bending session — and I won’t even install a love for karaoke (unless you want it ;)!

    • Hi Wayne! Ahhh being centered, that sounds a bit more appealing.. a mind bending session sounds like just what I need. And no, please, for the world’s ears stay safe, don’t install a love for karaoke lollll x

    • hahaha Jo – nor me! Well I managed it for a nano second or two, after several failed attempts where I ended up on my face. Luckily I had a cushion in front of me so I didn’t break my nose! The key is to keep looking forward, not down, I’ve been told. Emma from is a natural though, as you can see.


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