Farewell Cheap Chocolate

Honestly, I haven’t eaten an entire box of Quality Street myself. This morning I was gifted the last few in the bottom of the box by my daughter as she wanted to get the chocolate out of her house to stop her from eating it… But now I too have to say “Farewell cheap chocolate” as I’m about to ditch them in the bin.

I think I can hear my family GASP at that revelation!

Fret ye not. I’m not giving up chocolate! Just the cheap stuff that only tastes of sugar and makes one feel a bit sick, if we’re being honest about it.

Instead I am going to upgrade again to the stuff that’s at least 70% cocoa solids and treat myself to artisan chocolate occasionally. 2020 is, after all, about treating myself like the Queen that I am. Queen’s wear thick socks and pj’s don’t they? Scrap that, I’m not a Queen, I’m a Goddess!

Oh and if you haven’t woken up to the fact that raw chocolate is not in fact raw, you’ll maybe want to read this – if you can be arsed – they really need to break up the text into smaller, chocolate sized chunks…

After educating yourself about the ‘raw chocoloate’ marketing scam, you will no doubt be thankful, like I was, that things have been heated up along the way after all. It would seem a real raw chocolate bar would probably have been tainted with filthy fingernails that have been scratching a sweaty, hairy bum. Or is that just my overactive imagination?

I will of course continue to taste test any ‘raw chocolate’ I find on the marketplace, as I’m a kind and generous person like that.

I wonder what I will decide to upgrade next in my life? What do you suggest?

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2 thoughts on “Farewell Cheap Chocolate”

  1. Upgrade your socks. It was a game changer for me. Happy feet makes for a major upgrade in life expectancy.

    Then store your artisan chocolate in your more stable temperature breathable sock environment during those hot sticky summer months

    Note: Don’t keep your chocolate in your upgraded socks when you are wearing them. Unless you have a partner with a foot fetish….and if you haven’t, upgrade him/her after the socks…..you will thank me for it later

    • Yes Barton, I agree that one should have a partner with a foot fetish as one of my greatest joys in life is having my feet massaged. Thank you for the reminder!


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