Devon Knows How They Do It

I’m down in Devon – ooh arrr! Staying with my lovely friend Maggie, her fab hubby, Paul, and the mad mutts – Otto and Finlay. A lot has been going on in my life over the past few weeks, which I have been digesting – together with an unhealthy amount of cake and stuff that is most definitely not raw but excellent at numbing emotions.

In between clotted cream I have squeezed in some gorgeous home grown veg and after a lot of chit chat these past few days and an amazing crystal healing treatment from Maggie today, I’ve got my writing mojo back and am clear on the path I want to take now. YAY!

I have also been journalling, which has helped me enormously over the past couple of months. Why have you been doing THAT I hear you ask? And is THAT why I’ve not been writing on here?

Umm.. writing in a journal (or diary if you prefer), was an idea my sister Nicola gave me. It helps get every swirling thought – good, bad, nutty, indifferent, out of my tiny head so I can view things with clarity and get some sleep. It has also helped me let go of stuff that’s not important, give thanks for stuff that is, develop ideas and help me review my Self and my feelings and actions with complete honesty. It also gave me a place to write, other than very publicly online which I know upsets people I care about sometimes.

This has meant I’ve been able to grow as a person.

And really tune into what my heart is trying to tell me instead of all the blah blah blah that my head keeps spouting off about.

As a result there are a lot of personal changes going on which I’m not really ready to talk about with you just yet but at some point I maybe will. It’s important stuff but the time is not right at the moment and if/when/how I do it, I want the lessons I’ve learned to be shared in a way that is sensitive and private enough to not cause any hurt.

I realise I can be like a bull in a china shop at times and have ended up being just as bad as the people I’ve been displeased with – lesson learned. Speak from the heart and not from the hurt.

Possibly one of the biggest tidbits that has come up for me that I’d like to leave you with though, is this…

The only thing you can control in life is you and your thoughts. Nothing and no-one else. So focus on what you DO want. Make yourself happy and watch as magic starts to happen in the most unexpected ways in and around you.

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5 thoughts on “Devon Knows How They Do It”

  1. Hi Sarah, I found it very interesting reading your blog, as it is confirming to me that I must do the same thing. I was away in Liverpool two weeks ago staying with friends, and Maggie, one of my friends was mentioneing that this is what I need to do. She does it her self and it helps her enormaously. So with two confirmations on it, I shall start it. and I’m glad yur having a good time in Devon it’s a lovely area.
    love Debbie. :)

    • Hiya Debbie – thanks for leaving me a comment :) it’s funny how all the little signs keep repeating until they’re practically bashing you over the head eh? *lol* Buy yourself a lovely journal and a special pen and have fun. I write all kinds of stuff in mine – the good, the bad and the ugly, naughty and nice, arty farty and downright tarty ;) Let me know how you get on x


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