Crying Over Scales

Crying over scales… Ok it’s more like ranting over my scales and wanting to hide the results with a big bar of chocolate.

I HAVE been so much better this past week – more exercise with greater intensity, eating loads of fruit and veg, drinking lots of water.. only thing I haven’t done religiously is making and drinking a green juice every day. Grrrrr… well watch the video for yourself, I am trying to focus on the positive and not grind my teeth at the moment.

Carry on reading for more of my thoughts and find out if my measurements are ANY different and feel free to leave your comments!

Here’s my measurements:

Chest: 38″ / 96.5cm (down .5″ / 1.5cm from Day 36)
Waist: 30.5″ / 77.5cm (down .5″ / 1.5cm from Day 36)
Fattest bit (hips/belly): 38″ / 96.5cm (no change from Day 36)
Left thigh: 22″ / 56cm (UP .5″ / 1cm from Day 36 ARRRGH)
Left Arm: 11″ / 28cm (no change from Day 36)

To recap from the video

This week I weighed in at 9 stone 13.5lb / 139.5 lbs / 63.2 kilos and am 31% body fat – UP 1lb from last week.

So I’m sat here, dressed again in jeans, thick socks and a baggy jumper feeling despondent and eating some grapes wondering what I did this past week to get that result. Hmmm well I did drink wine Friday and Saturday. I also ate late on Saturday and had ermmm, a curry but no sauce but yes, it was all ‘dead’ food – I DID walk home though. Ummm I ate a sandwich on Sunday but again, I wasn’t loafing around – did lots of digging in Nicola’s garden after we watched the new Star Trek movie (which is FAB by the way – phwoar! even – ya know what I mean). Oh bum I just remembered I hate half a pizza on Friday as well as some Thai curry yesterday AND the Twix. BUT the rest of the time I was eating fresh raw fruit and veg. Ohhhh and I’ve been indulging in my cottage cheese addiction this week too.

Ok, so maybe I’ve not been as disciplined as I could have been *looks sheepish* Mind you I don’t want to get into that mindset either.

BUT if I want to lose weight I need to be more aware – once I’ve released what I want then I can relax more but I also want to ‘treat’ myself with raw treats rather than processed or cooked ones… Hmmm…

I really need a dehydrator and a food processor and to find a good retail outlet to buy the ingredients from but that will all have to wait. In the meantime I can do some research and source a good online shop to buy some raw treats from, to scoff at the end of my raw juice feast / fast, this week.

Ok I better stop yapping and make my shopping list and hope it’s not gonna be too heavy to carry home… wonder how my mini is coming along…

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2 thoughts on “Crying Over Scales”

  1. Wow you are doing really well on your diet. Can’t believe how brave you are to go on camera and bare everything in a bikini I dont think I could do it – good for you go girl!!!

    • hahhaha I’m not brave, just desperate to make myself do it and the camera doesn’t lie! unfortunately… and as for you not being able to do it… pfffftttt… is all I’m gonna say! You have a bikini body and more than enough courage – omg I just got a vision run through my head of you doing gymnastics at a modelling event thingy we went to YEARS ago. Great to hear from you and I hope all is fab in your world – I’m just in Shoreham town centre now, so if you want to hook up, let me know via FB or something :D x


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