Chocolate Nicecream – don’t mind if I do

What shall I have for breakfast this morning? Chocolate Nicecream!

This is what I was thinking about whilst tramping across an invisible bridle path courtesy of a field being freshly ploughed in the West Sussex countryside this morning. “Briskly” walking a dastardly dog with 2 inch mud soles and counting, to wear me him out.

So yes, guilt free, gluten free, dairy free, low fat ‘naughtiness’ in under 5 minutes. And why is it called nicecream? Well because it’s icecream made from ‘nanas innit.

It looks pretty damn fine I know.

Here’s how I made my scrumptious Chocolate Nicecream


  • 1 and 1/2 large, perfectly ripe, peeled then frozen bananas
  • 3 heaped teaspoons of raw cacao powder
  • a little bit of filtered water


  1. Simply take a sturdy knife and slice the frozen bananas into about 1cm wide bits to help your food processor.
  2. Add the banana to the food processor, making sure you put your blade in first (umm.. yeah, I’m guilty of forgetting that vital bit on occasion)
  3. I whiz the banana up for a bit to break it down into bits and then add a little bit of water to help things along.
  4. When it’s nearly at the desired consistency (think soft serve icecream like when you were 5 years old and stirred your block of Lyons Maid until it was a smooth, drippy bowl of sugar fuelled heaven.. ok maybe that was just me..)  and then add in the raw cacao powder to taste. As you can see I like mine good and chocolatey!
  5. Whiz some more, scrape into a bowl and scoff. I topped mine with a couple of chopped brazil nuts ‘cos they are good for me.


You may find that your eyes are bigger than your belly – mine frequently are! Instead of force feeding yourself (like I do) maybe try freezing what’s left for later. I’m not sure how great this is as I’ve never actually quite managed to do it. I’d imagine it’ll be ok once you’ve left it out on the side to thaw a fair bit, or it’ll be like licking a very cold brick. I’m sure you don’t enjoy doing that..

Raw cacao powder is good for you!Your bananas need to be RIPE before PEELING and then freezing them in a baggy or container of your desire. This means that the skin and stem should NOT have any green on it and it should have brown speckles. I don’t care if even the thought of bananas that ripe makes you gag, that is how they must be.

Organic, raw cacao powder is NOT the same as cocoa powder. Stay away from the Cadbury’s powdered shite! Get your arse to your local health food shop or shop online for some. It is a powerhouse of goodies – mine explains on the packet that it is naturally high in fibre and protein and is a good source of magnesium, iron and antioxidants. Who am I to argue with chocolate facts such as that?

You can use dairy free milk such as almond or coconut instead of water if you like but why complicate matters?

Have you made nicecream? Share your favourite recipe in the comments below and you know I’ll love you forever x

Chocolate Nicecream for breakfast

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