woman lying on her back falling off the edge of her bed, an arm flung out, maybe she's just had a tantra massage

My Second Tantra Massage

Today was my second tantra massage and I wasn’t sure about doing it but decided to keep an open mind. Maybe I’ll feel differently from last time as, with any luck, I won’t be in … Read more

So I had a tantric massage...

So, I umm, had a Tantric Massage

After reading an awful lot about Tantra and having had an experience of being a ‘body’ for a friend who was learning tantric massage, I decided I wanted to explore it further and see how … Read more

a leg peeks out from under a sheet on this tantric journey

My Tantric Journey Revs Up

I’ve been on a personal transformation quest ever since I discovered the concept of healing energies after a business meeting turned into an unexpected Reiki treatment back in ooh 2000, I think it was. From … Read more