Do You Like Listening? Good to do while it's stormy in Stoupa!

Do You Like Listening?

I’m in Greece at the moment and it’s the time of year where a storm will whip out of nowhere to banish the blue and knit a frown of dark grey clouds across the sky … Read more

Hot legs poking out of the white sheets on a bed - bleedin' hell

Bleedin’ Hell

The title of this post, bleedin’ hell, came to me whilst in the shower this morning and I was surprised at the unexpected urge I had to put wodgie fingers to keyboard about this, possibly pivotal … Read more

Feeling Meh - sit and write with a cup of tea instead

Why Is Me Feeling Meh

I’m having one of those days. A ‘meh’ moment in time. And I’m asking myself, ‘Why meh?’, just before I get my arse off my chair and do some jumping jacks as surely that will … Read more

2018 The Year I Love - photo shows a woman's bare torso

2018 – The Year I Love

I woke up excited this morning. Not only was I hangover free as I’d spent a sober night alone – a frequent occurrence, especially on New Years Eve as I not-so-secretly quite enjoy it – … Read more