Balls… Rolling Them

I’m looking kinda serious and sort of ruffled.. why?

I’ve been having a long old chat with my friend Craig today and I’ve told him he is now one of my mentors. Lucky him. He ignored my statement but that doesn’t matter! He said something to me which made me instantly stick my fingers in my hair and pull it – the photo above was the result.

(I took other photos of me sticking my tongue out too but I thought they weren’t effective enough. Ok. I didn’t think I looked attractive enough in them so you don’t get to see them!).

What DID he say? I can hear you begging to know!  Well he said this:

“Write a blog post on the difficulties you experience in getting a ball rolling.  Is it the ball that is the problem, the force you employ or is it something else?

That was after we had a very insightful discussion about what I wanted.  In fact he didn’t stop until I wrote some things down and what was funny is realising I was resisting because I didn’t think the things I wanted were big enough.

Ok I’m wondering if any of that made sense and yes Craig, I know I’m meant to be reading this after I’ve finished writing it and editing out 10% of it but I know I probably won’t.  I’ll save that kind of thing for more serious writing *cough*.

So back to balls

Ah yes.

What do I put in the way of me rolling a good ball?

I can immediately think of 101 other things I could be doing that won’t require me to a) think  or b) take much action. Actually that’s not quite true, because vacuuming the house requires a great deal of action if you have a shite hoover like I do.

So immediately on reading his question I decided to fly in the face of my procrastination and take immediate action and voila, here it is, a blog post that is complete with skanky photo.

One of the other big obstacles I regularly put in my path, is that when I DO finally start something, it seems to snowball into a zillion other things.  In fact it’s a lot like making one of those fancy shmancy raw food meals where you open the page and it all looks pretty easy until you discover the other ‘ingredients’ are in fact things you were meant to have marinated or sprouted or soaked or dehydrated hours or days in advance.  Sorry, what was it I was meant to be doing?


Then there is the fear that what I actually produce at the end will be utter crap and although I’ve poured my heart and soul, my tears and passion into it dahlings (ok maybe I exaggerate a little), it just won’t be good enough.

I won’t be good enough.

Gah! It always seems to keep coming back to that fricking fear.

How do I change this?

Craig coached me through this a bit earlier and well, we both came to the same conclusion.  I’ll just have to do stuff anyway.  And if it’s not good enough, I’ll find out why, with any luck, and I’ll be able to improve for next time

One thing’s for sure though.

If I do nothing, nothing is what I’ll be.  And the diva inside me ain’t standing for that nonsense.

Woo hoo!

The End.

PS. Craig did any of that make sense?  I’ll read the next one after I’ve finished it x
PSAgain. I did just read it and I just seem to be whining on about the same shit again, never mind I’m hitting publish

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11 thoughts on “Balls… Rolling Them”

  1. Don’t be scared of a bit of fear, it makes us real, but read you know the 15 minutes and anti-procrastination works.
    To be perfect is great but if you never achieve anything because of it then that has to be soul destroying. So if you just start something and do it with enthusiasm and for the right reasons isn’t that the better way to live life?
    So instead of planning for 4 weeks and never getting round to it, just plan a week at a time, and only spend 15 minutes on it, that way you might actually achieve something and get started, and once you get started and you are not making it a mammoth task to keep going then it easier to keep your ball rolling even if it is wobbles a bit!

    Anyway saying all this as I look at my huge basket of ironing that I need to just do, starting with 15 mins and see how I go :)

    Hugs and love
    Jo x

  2. Ironing is never as bad as I think it will be and much better now I have invested in a steam generator!

    So what did you think of flylady???

    How are you going with the not beating yourself up??

    Jo x

  3. looked such a mess, I just fly away having hardly looked at it. That type of web page leaves me completely cold. Reminds me of the ads in the back of the tabloids for things you never knew you needed.

  4. It’s a great pic! And we’re all scared of taking that first step but, once you’ve done it, the second is slightly easier.

    I just had some success in my real life because I took my courage in my hands and bigged myself up. Sure, I’m cacking it now because I have to live up to my own legend but, hey, I took the first step and you can too x

    • Hahahha you saying you were cacking it now, cracked me right up! Thank you :D It’s funny how other people can see how great we are but we just don’t believe it.. and well, we never will until we take the actions to prove it to ourselves. Well done you for going for it, it’s inspirational to see your progress and makes me look at myself and say, I want that too. x

  5. YOUR BACK!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Love the pic – Very Kate Bush.

    Somebody once told me when I was knee high to a sandwich that Kate Bush had the most amazing cheekbones…….I spent many a year after that trying to figure out WHY that was important. I never actually achieved the aim.

    Always great to read the adventures of Sarah!



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