A Green Juice Happy Moment

I know, it’s another green juice. The thing is, I LOVE green juice and psychologically they make me feel like I’m super marvellous.

It makes me smile when people wrinkle up their nose and go ‘ewww’ at the sight of it. I used to protest and start to tell them how great they taste, how good for you they are and how damn pretty!

I don’t waste my breath now. I wait until I’m asked something then I’ll give my honest answer.

I’m too busy having a happy moment, simply by looking today’s green juice. Delaying drinking it by photographing it with my iPhone deepens the pleasure and sure enough, I wish I’d made more.

Here’s what’s in my Green Juice Happy Moment

  • a whole lot of love
  • 2 peeled oranges
  • half a sweetheart cabbage
  • a mahoosive handful of spinach
  • about a third of a lemon with some rind left on

What’s your favourite juice? Did you drink one today? Leave a comment below.

Green juice recipe - a happy moment

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