31 Days of Hot Yoga – The Results

On 1 March, I decided enough was enough and I was going to do a self experiment. I would do 31 days of hot yoga and see what changes that brought me.

Here’s the results.


Vital Statistics *gulp*

March 1st

11 stone 1lb / 155lb / 70.3kg
Chest 101cm / Waist 88cm / Belly 100.5cm / Hips 100.5cm / Thigh 58.5cm / Arm 29cm

April 1st

10 stone 12lb / 152lb / 68.9kg
Chest 100cm / Waist 83cm / Belly 96cm / Hips 99cm / Thigh 58.5cm / Arm 29cm

So, there has been hardly any movement on the scales and the only movement in my measurements really are from my torso – which is my biggest problem area – so that’s good.

Am I disappointed? Well yeah

I have been sweating and stretching in a heated room for 90 minutes EVERY FREAKING DAY for 31 days (round of applause please), plus a 40 minute round walk to get to and from the studio.

I’ve not been over eating. I’ve been making fresh juices and smoothies and I’ve been drinking at least 3 litres of water a day. My digestion has been TERRIBLE though – still no regular poos occurring – and my skin has continued to break out. I have noticed I’ve had strong sugar cravings and I’ve been feeling so tired some days, I’ve had to have a nap in the afternoon sometimes and I sleep for nine hours at night.

I’m consoling myself with the thought that I MUST have developed muscle, as I do feel stronger. And I MUST have lost fat from around my internal organs which is much better for my over all health. And of course, I’m a lot more bendy :D

But seriously.. 3lbs down?!!!!

What next?

Well I need to get to the bottom of what’s causing the imbalance. I’m doing more research on:

  • digestion – what can I do to improve this as it’s not working properly, which means I’m not absorbing nutrients properly which must have a knock on effect on everything. Will start making kombucha again and until that’s ready, take organic raw apple cider vinegar daily. Have also ordered a super greens supplement and I’m also considering doing a parasite cleanse.
  • thyroid – the doctors insist I’m in the normal range but my symptoms tell me this obviously isn’t normal for me. Have been reading lots on StopTheThyroidMadness.com and have made an appointment with the doc to see if I can change from synthetic medication to natural dessicated thyroid (sorry piggies). Will also order an iodine supplement and ensure I eat a spoon of coconut oil a day, some brazil nuts and investigate l-tyrosine more. Will do a more in-depth post on this issue.
  • adrenal fatigue – will investigate this more in case this is the cause of what’s going on
  • food – I am going to cut grains out of my diet for April. This will be interesting… Oh and I’m going to test drive some apps on my phone to see what’s the easiest way of tracking everything I shove in my gob.
  • exercise – I’ll continue to mooooove my body regularly but I won’t be doing yoga every day.

I’m using myself as an experiment and will share what I’m trying on here as maybe it’ll help someone else too. Or give someone a laugh.

Tally ho!

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2 thoughts on “31 Days of Hot Yoga – The Results”

  1. Sarah you look gorgeous! dont worry so much about results, the more in shape u are the harder u have to work. try eating more apples and do squats. And forget about break outs, youre skin will still be very kissable ;)

    • Hi Eric, what a lovely comment to leave me, thank you! Yes, I need to get back to squats and I’m eating loads more fresh fruit and veg again. I just have to stop the all or nothing way of doing things and just add more of the good bits in to my life. Kisses included ;)


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