21 Day Juice Fast – The Results

It’s the end of my 21 Day Juice Fast Feast. I did it!

Woooooooo hoooooooooo! :D

In this video, I strip down to my very unglamorous undies and get on the scales. Will I be happy or will I be sad? Watch and see.


Start:   Weight: 11 stone / 154 lbs / 69.6kg
Finish: Weight: 10 stone 4.5lbs / 144.5 lbs / 65.6kg

Start:   35% Body Fat
Finish: 33% Body Fat

Start:  Chest: 101cm / Waist: 89cm / Tummy: 101cm / Hips: 100cm / Thigh: 58.5 cm / Arm: 29cm

Finish: Chest: 101 / Waist: 80cm / Tummy: 95.5cm / Hips: 97.5cm / Thigh: 56.5cm / Arm: 28cm

So even though I didn’t see as much movement on the scales as I’d hoped, there was a MASSIVE difference in most of my measurements.

Also, the other noticeable changes are my face – not only can you start to see my cheekbones and less double chin, my skin and eyes are glowing!

I feel so much better in myself too. Positive and ready to make some more changes.

Of course, this is far from the end of my journey. I’ve got about another stone and a half I’d like to gift back to the Universe and I also want to tone my body to get rid of all the wobbly bits. Well, the bits that aren’t meant to jiggle ;)

I’ve taken some stills from my Day 1 and Day 22 videos. Both videos were filmed first thing in the morning..

21 day juice fast - before and after

If you prefer to read instead of watching the video, here’s the transcription of my weigh-in.

* * * * * * *

Here I am, the morning of Day 22 and the moment of truth! About to get on the scales and then I will do a full body shot to see if we can see any difference between today and Day 1 of my 21 day juice fast.

Here goes..

I’m 10 stone 4.5lbs and 33% body fat.

To be frank, I was expecting it to be more weight lost than that. I was hoping to actually get down to 10 stone (dropping one stone/14lbs from my start weight).

So.. well.. it’s interesting that it’s not more. I suppose things I could have done that I didn’t do was make sure I drank at least 2 litres of water every day.

And also, to have done at least 20 minutes of exercise every day, which I didn’t..

And to be honest, I think the little things that I ate didn’t have much effect.. I know some days I didn’t have enough juices.

Interesting. Anyway, more in a moment.

Ok, now for that ‘delightful’ body shot moment.

What’s interesting is that I can actually suck my tummy in a bit now.

Back shot..

So there we have it. Not as good as I was hoping. I shall talk.. or maybe write about it on my blog actually, instead of talking about it.

Or I’ll do another video a bit later. Bye for now.

Ok, I wasn’t going to do another video until later, I was just going to put up those body shots but I’ve decided that I need to talk about this straight away.

To be honest, I’m still astounded that I didn’t drop more weight in the 21 day juice fast.

You know, I have lost almost the same amount of weight in one week before, which leads me to believe that maybe there’s something else going on, that I’m struggling against.

I have had problems with my B12 and Vitamin D and also iron levels before. So I think what I’m gong to have to do is to look into more supplementation, because the doctor’s are just.. they’re a bit crap to be honest because they know practically zero about nutrition, it seems.

I mean, the doctor just rolled her eyes at me when I said I was going to improve my diet to see how that would improve things for me, you know, in making me feel better.

So, it almost makes me feel, what’s the point of going back there?

I think maybe what I’ll do is see if I can find somewhere that does live blood analysis and get that kind of blood test done. I know other people that have benefited greatly from having that done.

Other than that, my skin, as you can see is looking better. I am still getting the occasional breakout but my skin is healing very quickly.

I’m feeling a lot brighter. I’m liking what I see in the mirror better.

I am a bit flummoxed. I’m just going to have to up my game even more.

I think what I’m going to do is introduce one day water fasting a week, on a Monday, and other than that I’m going to do juices eat quite cleanly. Definitely start having an evening meal.

I want some warm food. This has been one of my biggest challenges during the 21 day juice fast – when the weather has been grotty and not being able to eat anything warm.

But I will be cooking stuff from scratch. I will steer clear of pre packaged food and make more stuff.

I will probably do videos of me making stuff. I know I’m not the greatest in the kitchen but some people find it entertaining. And it’s always a good reminder for me, when I’ve tried something and enjoyed it, I can then go back and look at what I did.

Other than that, let’s see. Over the past 21 days I haven’t had any alcohol. That’s been interesting in some social situations. I mean, I’m not a huge drinker anyway. I used to be when I was younger, but I’m not a huge drinker any more at all.

It’s made me realise that just going out where all people are doing is getting drunk, that’s not the kind of social situation I’m that interested in any more.

I don’t mind going there and everybody else being drunk and me not drinking, I don’t have a problem with that, as long as the company is good. I suppose THAT is the thing. I’ve been a bit more picky about who I’m meeting up with and really looking at will it be enjoyable, or won’t it?

Will the people that I’m with uplift me, or will I just feel that I just want to go home?

So that’s something that I’m definitely going to take forward. I’m going to look into doing more activities that haven’t got food and drink involved.

I think I’m going to look up some adult swimming lessons so I can become a stronger swimmer and I’ll have the confidence then, to try things like windsurfing and other water sports.

What else can I talk about?

I’m just feeling more comfortable in my clothes. I think my eyes are definitely clearer. My tongue is less furry. It’s still not completely pink.. shall I show you? See. Still got a way to go, so I’m still detoxing.

I’ve still got.. what… another stone (14lbs), maybe stone and a half if I really want to get back to pre wedding weight… I WAS married, I’m not any more.

But when I was what… 19, 20, I was like 8 stone 10lbs for years and years, it was when I got into my long term relationship that things started to change.

I did get back down to a very, very fit 9 stone after I had my first baby, which is a long time ago now. But then I got pregnant with my second baby and I’ve just been yo-yoing ever since.

I think what this 21 days has given me, is that I can achieve what I set my mind to, especially when I had my moments of weakness and I had to think – why am I doing this?

And my ‘why’ was big enough to stop me from eating stuff that I shouldn’t. I didn’t want to actually, it’s not a case of that I shouldn’t. If I wanted to achieve this goal, I knew exactly what I had to eat, therefore if I ate something else, that would be going against that. And why would I want do that?

It’s really shown me how my mind works and will hopefully help make me stronger.

21 days is definitely long enough to help break a habit and form new ones. Which is what they say in all the self help books, so we shall see going forward.

I am going to continue to do videos. It’s definitely really helped me to stay focused, knowing that if I did really do something naughty, that was against my goal, I’d have to tell you about it.

So, my kids are coming over today at some point, probably later this afternoon. And I need to get some clothes on, that would be really good wouldn’t it.

Have a great Sunday, and if you’ve got a challenge going on, please share it with me, share the link so I can watch your videos and help and encourage you too.

I’d like to thank everybody who has been leaving comments on my videos – it really, really did make a difference to know that I wasn’t just talking to myself and that you were looking out for me and encouraging me. I really felt that.

Thank you so, so much.

I guess I’d better get this stuff up on my blog and think about what I’m going to have to eat later.

Bye :)

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4 thoughts on “21 Day Juice Fast – The Results”

  1. Well done Sarah – you did it!
    Unbelievable self control in the face of all of us scoffing a roast dinner the other week – totally amazing.
    Although you may be disappointed at not losing more weight there is an amazing difference in shape on your before and after pictures. I love your honesty on your videos too.
    Keep up the good work!
    Lots of love from Shanghai
    Heather x

    • Thanks Heather! Yes, I was amazed at my self restraint too. I did cook a roast for the kids not long after I finished my fast and confess to having a little too – I’d been dreaming about yours haha. Will have to decide on my next challenge now.. Have fun in China x

  2. First off, you looked beautiful before but YOU can see a difference. You look more tone, more slim and if your goal was to feel better, have cleaner skin and have a more clear mind, did you not succeed?

    I am mega proud of you! You are a huge inspiration for me as I start on my own health transformation and I absolutely adore you, one stone more or less doesn’t matter when you are strong enough to do this 21 day challenge!

    • Sierra, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment – and such a wonderful one too! And yes, I did succeed, more than I realised and it’s set me on my path once more. Which is pretty cool eh. And worth it to know that my attempts at change are helping you too. We’re both pretty damn amazing eh. x


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