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Sarah Cairncross - 2017Hi, I’m Sarah Cairncross. Well done, you’ve made it past the black and white photo I took of myself in 2014. My sister says it makes me look demented. Personally I rather like it…

I’ve been self-employed since 2000, working with various entrepreneurs and small businesses to help them put together all the pieces of their business puzzle and convey their message, product or service via the internet.

I naturally love to research and have a knack for asking direct questions, helping to shed new light on a challenge or igniting inspiration.

Current personal projects: WP Cookie and My Raw Food Weight Loss

Recent client projects: and | website design and creation, Facebook pixel and Google integration. Want me to do a website for you? Get in touch.

Whilst living in Australia in 2005, I discovered juicing via an online group talking about Jason Vale aka Juicemaster (sounds a bit kinky to me). Gripped the following day by a tv infomercial showcasing the Oscar Vitalmax, I dusted off my bank card and parted with cash and became the proud owner of my first juicer. Which I still use today.

With a new found love for travel, my vision became one to continue to explore the world, helping small businesses and entrepreneurs with their social media and WordPress websites from my laptop, wherever I may be.

Oh and apparently I’m an INFJ  and Creator

Here’s a peek into my life