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Transforming.. by Sarah Cairncross

I’m transforming. Transmutating. Actually I’m not sure that transmutating belongs anywhere except in an episode of Dr Who, so I’ll stick with transforming.

You know how sometimes The Universe just keeps chucking stuff at you? Things you read,  comments that randoms or friends say to you, the poster on the back of the bus – just stuff. All pointing out the same thing.

Until the penny drops. And I go ‘ohhhhh’.

Well lately, the thing for me has been all about unplugging.

I was lying in the bath last night and ermmm, was, well, I was on Twitter thanks to the modern gadget I own – the iPhone. Not exactly unplugged then…

I was reading another post about how someone decided to do away with his mobile phone, his computer and all other internet related gadgetry. For 90 days. All this after another teaser update from Joshua Miillburn about how he’ll soon be revealing how he’s coped for two months without his phone.

Well, I’m well on my way to a minimalist lifestyle.

I have no home of my own and just a suitcase of stuff that I drag around with me from place to place – mainly other people’s homes as I’m blessed to have people in my life who love me. And even better, tolerate me staying with them for a bit.

Because of this nomadic lifestyle, I’m getting very conscious of how heavy my case is and keep asking myself what else can I part with?

I want to lighten my load.

I also apply this question to my thoughts and my online activities.

So I seriously asked myself – would parting with my iPhone and maybe even my laptop, improve my life? Could I do it? How would I function without them?

I could emotionally part with them in a nanosecond. The challenge for me though is, how will I earn my money?

I’m not earning much at the moment but my plans are for me to hone my skills and offer social media management and marketing services to local businesses who either haven’t got a clue, hate the thought or haven’t got the time to do it themselves.

I’ll take on a select core clientele, enough for me to be working part time which will allow me to travel when and where I liked. To have the money to do things so I feel like I’m really living my life, while experiencing the joy of helping other people get to where they want to be too.

Personally, I enjoy hanging out online – so why not turn my ‘problem’ of procrastinating in social networks into something profitable? Great idea innit!

The thing is, although I can live without the phone part of my iPhone and could even survive without the internet browsing bit, it’s a really handy size for taking photos and shooting video – something I want to do a lot more of. Hmmm.

laptop unpluggedMy laptop I could probably live without too. I’ve been meaning to get all my files stored online and make it so I’m completely ‘cloud based’. This will free me to be able to work from ANY computer as long there’s an internet connection. If I sell it though, would I need something? Maybe a tablet.. maybe the new iPad3? It would be a lot lighter to carry around for sure.

No iPhone or MacBook Pro?

My sister and friend thought I was maybe taking things a bit far with this idea. I was advised to sleep on it. For a few days. hahahaha.

However my mind was buzzing last night. There was a grain niggling at me. How can I unplug? Howwwwww?

Then it dawned on me. I need to minimise the amount of time I spend ‘plugged in’ aka ‘titting about online’. And shift the balance so the majority of the time I spend on the internet can be classed as income producing activities instead. And be strict about the number of hours that will be.

Bum. That means I have to get organised.

That also means making a decision about what I’m going to let go.

Strangely enough, that quickly and relatively painlessly became clear last night. I have to let go of RawRRR.

I have had the idea for RawRRR for what feels like aeons, in fact it’s been there since 2006. It was meant to be a lifestyle blog, sharing my own personal journey through the maze of healthy eating, raw food, weight loss, love and relationships but I never quite got round to doing any of the great ideas I had written down for it.

I’ve blogged off and on but, like burning the pages of my old journals, I have to relinquish the old and step into something new.

The big surprise is, how GOOD this decision feels.

And how easy.

This morning I’ve stuck a basic theme on it, deleted a load of categories and half baked posts and made it ‘ok’.

It’s ok enough to sit here while I finish off building a client website. To blog on it occasionally until I have the space to build a new site which will sit on I’ll transfer some of the stuff from here and redirect the pages for a while and then I’ll look at selling the RawRRR domains.

All the disjointed parts of me will be together under one roof. Whole once more.

Transformed, plugged in, unplugged, real, alive, present.

Without apology.

With the freedom to change.

Any. Time. I. Choose.

How about you? What’s in your next chapter?

image credit: photosteve101

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